In order to ensure your successful rest and avoid misunderstandings, please read the following terms & conditions.

Confirming the acceptance of the reservation is equivalent to reading and accepting the terms & conditions.



  1. Cottages and the apartment are rented by days.
  2. The booking takes place via website: www.osadatatraart.pl, e-mail: biurotatraart@gmail.com or telephone:
  3. Confirmation of the reservation of the cottage/apartment follows after making a deposit amounting to 1/3 of the value of the stay. We expect the deposit 3 business days from the moment of the booking. If the Guest does not make the payment during this time, the reservation is automatically canceled. The deposit in non-refundable.
  4. The stay begins at 5 p.m. and ends at 11 a.m. on the day of departure. The Guest is required to announce their arrival and departure at least 30 minutes earlier.
  5. The possibility of leaving the apartment after 11 a.m. and accommodation before 5 p.m. should be established with the settlement owner via telephone:
  6. Failure to arrive on the day of the stay until 8 p.m. without previously informing the owner about a later arrival – is equivalent to resignation of the stay.
  7. Guests are obliged to keep silent hours from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  8. The behavior of Guests should not disturb the peace of other people. People under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants, behaving aggressively, disturbing the peace and/or welfare of neighbours and do not adhere to common conduct norms the Settlement Owner reserves the right to terminate the guests’ stay at the cottage/apartment and is not obliged to reimburse the unused period of accommodation.
  9. The Settlement Owner has the right to cancel the initial reservation within 24 hours from the moment of booking without stating a reason.
  10. The Settlement Owner has the right to refuse accomodation to Guests who how verbal or physical aggresion towards employees or other guests. The previous deposit in non-refundable.
  11. The Guest of the Budzowski Wierch Settlement is obliged to settle the amount due for the stay at the moment of handing over the card to the cottage/apartment – on the day of arrival. Payments are accepted in cash or by card.
  12. On arrival, guests receive a card to the cottage/apartment and a card for the entrance gate, which they are obliged to return on the day of departure. In the case of misplacing/destroying the card, Guests are charged a fee of 200 PLN.



  1. Pets are not allowed, unless the prior authorization from the owner of the settlement has been obtained. The staff has the right to refuse to provide accommodation to guests with pets brought by them without the prior arrangements. Dogs must at all times be kept on a leash. Cleaning after an animal is required. The guest takes full responsibility for any damage or destruction wreaked by the animal on the equipment and technical devices.



  1. Items left by the guest in the apartment after departure will be returned at the expense of the guest to the address indicated by him/her. If the guest does not indicate the address for returning of goods left in the apartment or in the absence of a personal collection of the goods within 3 days from the date of departure from the apartment, the apartment staff will proceed with those goods according to the rules on lost and found property.



  1. Due to the fire safety requirements, the use of any electric or gas powered equipment or devices in the apartment, which do not belong to its standard equipment and may create a fire hazard, such as electric immersion heaters, radiators, gas cookers – is prohibited. It is forbidden to bring flammable materials, explosives and materials with an unpleasant odour to the apartment.
  2. Smoking is not allowed in the cottage/apartment. If the smoking ban is broken, the Guest will be charged 500 PLN.




  1. Additional cleaning of the cottage/apartment on request during your stay is a chargeable service: 100 PLN. Additional change of towels in the cottage/apartment is also associated with a fee: 30 PLN/set/person (big+small towel), change of bed sheets 30 PLN/bed.
  2. It is recommended to check if the room is locked each time it is left. The apartment furnishings or fittings cannot be removed (e.g. towels, blankets, pillows, equipment, etc).
  3. Any faults of the devices in the cottage/apartment should be reported immediately to the staff. A guest who intentionally or through improper use destroys the equipment of the apartment is obliged to cover all costs incurred.
  4. On the day of departure the guest shall let the designated person enter the rented apartment in order to check the condition of the premises. The guest cannot leave the apartment before the inspection. Any claims for any damage identified upon the inspection by the apartment staff will be pursued in court.
  5. Guests are subject to prices that are published and confirmed at the time of making the reservation. Promotions do not work backwards.
  6. The earlier departure for reasons beyond the control of the owner of the settlement does not entitle the guest to claim refund for the unused service.
  7. Invoices for the stay can be issued upon request within 7 days from the date of check-out. They will be sent by registered mail or e-mail to the indicated address.
  8. The staff has an additional set of cards and can enter the apartment in the event of sudden breakdowns in order to repair them during the absence of guests in the apartment.
  9. The owner of the settlement is not liable for valuable property left in the cottages or rooms of the facility, in particular such as: cash, securities, jewelry, precious stones, documents, numismatic collections, works of art or other valuable, historic, artistic or unique items.